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Active rest is an awesome alternative to travels to the seaside. A rest in mountains can bring a man not just freshness, but helps to relax and restore health for new working days. One can provide oneself the best impressions from a travel during trip to the mountains on vacations. If you have decided, that an active rest at daytime and comfortable, cozy relaxation at night exactly for you, there is no better variant than rent flats daily and more. By renting a flat, you can choose absolutely anything. But the most important thing  is that you will rest among mountains and forests, one wants to enjoy the sun and fresh air. 

Rent apartments in Yaremche daily and more

Situated in the river Prut, city in Ivano-Frankivsk region Yaremche, presents you unforgettable impressions and relaxations. Two waterfalls, various flora and fauna, mountains, forest and fresh air, everything one can dream about in winter and in summer makes your rest unique, pleasant and inexpressible. Many sights connected to nature, developed tourism, practically in all spheres, touristic routes and many other things, that help you not just to spend time active and interesting, but, if you want, you might get extreme emotions. Of course, each kind of a rest has its advantages, but sometimes one wants thrills. The best choice is to alternate them, so to say active and passive rest. And, of course, there is no better place than Yaremche. 

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By renting apartments daily from owners, you get only anvantages. This is incontestable economy, that lets to spend money on entertainments, on excursions and amusements. Apart from this, this is also an opportunity to choose desirable living conditions, up to details. So, during wintertime you can choose a housing with a  fireplace, sauna or jacuzzi, and during summertime with swimming pool and front garden. This means active and funny vacations, wherever you are and period of time you are going to spend there. According to this, if you use our site, comfort and coziness will be your companions and help to spend time so that you get relaxation from it. This is a work of our site - your comfort and coziness and we do it perfectly.