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The residence of the Russian emperors in Yalta

The famous Livadia Palace is the former residence of Russian emperors southern monument and neo-Renaissance, which is located directly on the shore of the Black Sea. This luxury palace is not in the city of Yalta, but in the village of Livadia in Yalta region of Crimea, just five kilometers from the city. By its beauty and external processing this lock can be compared with the St Petersburg architectural monuments, it is built in the style of an air of ancient Italy in the late nineteenth century. Supervised construction Monighetti Ivan and Nikolai Krasnov, and this palace Vorontsov rivals for the title of the most beautiful residences of Crimea. It held the Yalta Conference the Allies during the Second World War, which practically defined the post-war world. The village itself Livandiya is very popular with tourists, because it is located on the clean beaches of the Black Sea, and is just five kilometers from the most Yalta. The site You can find excellent options for real estate in the village and rent a nice house from the owners for a day or longer.

Park and landscape ensemble in Palace Livandii

Livandiysky Palace Livandiyskogo is inside the park, which can be compared to the Garden of Eden palaces of Louis XIV. The structure of the palace and park ensemble includes not only the building of the castle itself, but also Pazhessky body, the palace church, a beautiful park with gazebos, walkways, fountains and other structures of the tsarist period, as well as the palace and minister Baron Frederikasa. This structure has the status of a museum, and tourists can contemplate two exhibitions that reflect the major historical events that happened in this place. The first exhibition devoted to the Yalta Conference in the forty-five year and stay in Yalta American President Roosevelt, and the second - and recreational activities of the Russian Tsars and the royal family.

Apartments for holidaymakers and tourists near the palace Levandiyskogo

Also Livandiyskogo beautiful palace and park in the village is also located cardiological sanatorium "Livadia", where thousands of tourists come every year. In addition, this area appears in many films and also many paintings by famous artists. To find accommodation in this picturesque area, it's best to use the service to rent apartments from owners. Here, the best prices and also convenient filters and real estate search engine.