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Offers late arrival and departure from the lease of real property from the owners

The main advantage of daily rent from property owners is that you can separately agree on all the nuances and living conditions. For example, if your train arrives in the middle of the night or early in the morning, you can write to the owner on site, to arrange a late arrival or departure. Or also ask another set of keys, if traveling with your partner or co-worker. In addition, if you want to stay in a puff, or any other town for a week or longer, you can negotiate a discount on the rental with the owner. Even twenty-hryvnia to the cost of each day can greatly help you in the lease. Also at this site is a function booked apartments and houses to rent for a day online through their personal account, and save your favorite options.

Important moments of planning your trip to puff

Even short-term travel demand much attention, because otherwise they can turn into a nightmare without the proper planning. For example, you need to pre-buy tickets on the train, if you want a comfortable place near the window or in a separate compartment. The same goes for an apartment or house for a day, because if you are traveling on a business trip with my colleague, you need two separate rooms. Or, if you smoke, you need a balcony and prior consent of the owner to smoke in the apartment during the rental period. Thus, is an indispensable tool for planning each trip, with which you can book accommodation in advance or contact the owner using the contact details given in the description.

The site better than other services for rental housing?

In recent years, the Internet can find more and more sites where you can view the ads on daily and long term rental property online. But electronic service is a leader in this area, largely due to the fact that he has a lot of functions that allow you to book apartments, view feedback from previous customers, and that he liked to manage options online. So you can just a couple of minutes, not only to see the ad and see the property in the puff, but also fully organize your accommodation and rent an apartment in this small town with.