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Tsarskoye Selo Odesa apartment for rent

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Property near the memorial of the heroic defense of Odessa

With the help of site visitors Odessa can rent apartments and houses in the vicinity of the memorial park of the heroic defense of Odessa four hundred and eleventh coastal battery. This is one of the largest memorial dedicated to the defense of Odessa during World War II. It consists of an open-air museum with the remaining tanks, ships and weapons, a large park, which is mainly planted with oaks and maples, as well as a coastal defense battery. To date, this is the place chosen by the indigenous inhabitants of the city who spend picnics here in spring, summer and autumn, as well as lovers of equestrian sports and dog lovers. Among the picturesque nature and paved paths, you can run, ride a bike or rollerblading with his friends and family, or just relax while on holiday. Tsarskoye Selo District is just a few blocks from this memorial complex, and this arrangement makes it even more attractive to a daily rent of apartments and houses for short trips to Odessa.

This royal village in a residential area of ​​Odessa

A small cottage settlements in the Kiev district of Odessa has been called Tsarskoye Selo through the beautiful facades of houses, as well as ennobled sidewalks and streets. Tsarskoye Selo was only a couple of years ago was put into operation, but already very popular in the market. It is located near the Villas Kovalevsky and the sea coast of the Black Sea, but at the same time, a safe distance from the slopes, which often slip into the sea. In this village you can rent a cottage or a separate apartment for your family or friends for a holiday during summer or spring break. And to do this it's best using site, where you can find offers of daily rent apartments in Tsarskoye Selo area.

Things to do in Tsarskoye Selo in the spring and autumn?

To save money, many tourists do not come at the height of tourist season, and in the spring or fall. Then the daily rental properties in Odessa is much cheaper and more accessible. But then another problem arises, what to do with themselves and their friends when it is too early or too late to lie on the beach. If you have rented on site house in the royal village without intermediaries and commissions in the spring or summer, you can find a bunch of classes. You can do jogging, picnics and daily walks by the sea, to visit the historic sights of Odessa, and just chat with your loved ones.