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Market, attractions and activities in one word Privoz

Privoz Market is one of the oldest and most famous markets not only in Odessa, but throughout Ukraine. This food market retail and wholesale trade, which is located within the historic center of Odessa, right near the train station. The history of this market began in the mid-nineteenth century, when Privoznaya area, but it mostly traded in the spare parts and the wheels of the carts, wagons, and other things. Next to Privoz was built fruity passage, the remains of which can be seen the main arch at the main entrance to this day. Gradually, the market began to grow, here came traders and merchants from all over the Balkans. Today you can see near the station modern Privoz, a master plan which has been approved in the late nineties. There were built new halls, housing along the streets of the Transfiguration and Panteleimon, meat and fish body was completed only in the year two thousand and seven.

All life is discussed at the Odessa Privoz

Despite the modern look, bringing remained mostly a bunch of local gossip and anecdotes of cases. It is always possible to meet the fat from Odessa, which selects fresh fish, to bargain with the seller of fruits and be sure to watch your purse and shopping. Modern Privoz is not only open shopping arcades and pavilions, but it also includes a shopping center New Privoz, which is on the outside Panteleimon, a part of this beautiful hotel also includes the Black Sea. Truth be told, that Privoz gathered all the political, cultural and social life of Odessa, and only here you can feel its true flavor of the city. To constantly in the center of events, and eat only fresh fruits, vegetables and meat, it is best to rent an apartment with the help of site.

Apartments for rent in the area of ​​Privoz

On can find an apartment or house for a day from the owner in any of the areas of the city of Odessa, including near Privoz. On our site offers of daily rent of apartments is very convenient and can be ordered to do a search on the words, and use filters. Practical interface has a fruitful search for housing, and helps to quickly orient. Only here you can rent an apartment without fees or interest, and without intermediaries, that is, realtors or real estate agents. We offer a cheap apartment near Privoz in older homes, and more luxurious options in the new buildings, high-rise buildings.