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The village of Kotovsky Odesa apartment for rent

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450 hrn for 1 night

Николаевская дорога 291

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Курская улица 31

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Mykolaivska doroha 297

rooms: 1 Мест: 3

One of the most comfortable areas to live in Odessa

The village Kotovsky - is one of the city's largest district in terms of population, which is geographically a part of Suvorov district administration. The village Kotovsky is the most northern part of Odessa, and consists mainly of beds of residential complexes and buildings, but other than that there are also quite a large private sector, with a population of more than nine thousand people. The area is bordered by the neighborhoods resort Luzanovka and sprinkling, and the village of Shevchenko and Suvorov district. Most recently, here it is one of the newest and most modern residential areas of the Field of Miracles was built, which is in line with European standards of construction, and that will impress you with its design and size. With site in the area, you can rent an inexpensive apartment and with good euro renovation, and with all the necessary furniture, and with different appliances from the owners. We will help you not only find a good apartment or house for a day, but reserve this property without commissions at the right time for you, and communicate with its owner.

Landmarks and Monuments of the village Kotovsky

For a long time village Kotovsky could not boast a large number of attractions and sights for tourists. In this area there is a cinema Star, which is located in a picturesque park. Over time, close to the theater was a monument Dobrovolsky, which is associated with a lot of funny stories. The monument, which was originally made in full growth, fell repeatedly, and therefore cut down to the hips to keep the balance figure. And so it happened that Dobrovolsky was left without a leg, raising it a lot of legends and anecdotes. In the village Kotovsky recent days much has changed, and changed for the better, more and more isolated from the city. Here there are shopping and entertainment venues, new office buildings, grocery stores and other establishments.

How fast to rent an apartment near the village of Kotovsky?

If you unexpectedly, or it is planned to have appeared in Odessa, but do not know where to stay, it is best to use the site With this electronic resource may be only a few tens of minutes to find and rent an apartment from the owner without commissions and interest. Also, this website is very easy to use to book an apartment or a house for a day in advance. Renting an apartment for a day on the street Valentina Tereshkova, Varna, Academician Filatov, Lyusdorfskoy road or other streets or avenues. On our site you can rent a nice apartment near Gorky Park, or do not be a square near the village of Kotovsky. Our site - it's easy to use interface, and a large selection of announcements, and free resource for travelers.