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Otrada Odesa apartment for rent

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850 hrn for 1 night

Белинского 16

rooms: 1 Мест: 4

300 hrn for 1 night

Пантелеймоновская 7

rooms: 1 Мест: 2

The modern and picturesque district of Joy

Everyone is used to the name Joy is a small beach on the health track. but the last few years and so called luxury bedroom estate near the beach of the same name. The residential area is compact Joy Lane between Lermontov and Belinsky Street and the French Boulevard. There is a new stadium "Dinamo", and on the south side stretches a beautiful park for walking and jogging. The central entrance to the neighborhood and the park itself is a famous Mavrtanskaya arch, which in the early twentieth century, built by architect Valentin Schmidt. Today, anyone can rent an apartment for a day or longer in the area with the help of site. We offer a wide variety of properties for daily rent without middlemen fees for search and booking services.

The best place to stay - Joy

In fact, Joy is a series of beaches with sand cover, between which wormed beautiful promenade with lots of beautiful buildings, entertainment venues and the beach resorts. In this area you can find the best restaurants oriental and European cuisine, go to a concert of pop stars in the most prestigious night club, or just lie in the sun on one of the lesser-known large number of people beach. In recent years, the area Joy actively developed, it is very well organized transportation, and there are all the necessary shops, pharmacies and dry cleaning. With site you can rent an apartment or house for a day at sea the streets, cozy, Pleasing or Clear from the owners. We offer the most comfortable options for real estate is relatively inexpensive, and you can book apartments for your rest now.

A small and cozy corner of Odessa

Joy is in the heart of Odessa, which displays it a modern twist, and a tribute to the historical past at the same time. Here you can find the architectural masterpieces of the eighteenth, nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries, which blend harmoniously into the facades of buildings and streets. Website offers visitors a wide variety of apartments and houses for a day by the owners in this neighborhood, you can rent for your short trip or holiday. Joy is not far from the sea, and in the evenings on the balcony of any building you can feel the salt air on the evening tide. Rent in the area worth the effort to find an apartment, and site will help minimize this effort and take a good apartment near the Otrada cheap.