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Moldavanka Odesa apartment for rent

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Apartments for rent in Moldavanka

Even those who have never been in Odessa, aware of the existence of such a district as Moldavanka. This historical area with a population of more than ninety thousand people attracts tourists with its romance and picturesque corners of old and abandoned buildings. At the heart of this area is the famous Starokon market - the most picturesque and something fabulous corner of Odessa. Here you can buy unique antiques: furniture, books, jewelry, dishes, plates and even receive a gift of a kitten or puppy. With the help of an electronic resource anyone can rent an apartment for a day in an old house of merchants on the street Gen. Tsvetaeva or Mechnikov Odessa and enjoy the old as it is. We offer a comfortable apartment on the hosts for the night or longer, with no additional commissions and bonuses.

Picturesque corners Moldavanka

The historical part of Moldavian covers an area between Staroportofrankovskoy, Leningrad, and Leningrad Melnitskaya streets. This area is divided into smaller sleeping arrays, such as Vorontsovka Bugaёvka and, despite its antiquity, is considered one of the most romantic places in Odessa. Apartments in the area suited to daily rental for lovers of adventure and relaxation theme, and not just those who come to the sea, to lie on the beach. In Odessa, spending time exclusively in the sea absolutely wrong, because it is a city full of history and fascinating places that are a must visit for everyone. Moldavanka And, of course, the first place in such a list. You can find and remove the perfect apartment in Moldavanka from owners of inexpensive With site. We offer its services with no fees and no interest for the reservation.

The main scenery for about Odessa are in Moldavanka movies

Moldavanka - is not only one of the oldest but also the most famous Odessa region, which was not just glorified in songs, poems and films. About him Isaac Babel wrote in his "Odessa Stories" as well as Moldavian admired by Alexander Pushkin during his stay in this city. His fame this region has got after him in his song "scows full of mullet" Mark Bernes, and since then the area has been on the TV screens and on the lips of famous comedians. Everyone can touch to this legendary place, and even remove an apartment here with the help of site. We offer comfortable apartments and houses in typical Odessa Courtyard by owners. Which not only can agree on a discount, but also help to settle in the city cheaply.