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600 hrn for 1 night

Seredn'ofontans'ka Street 19Б

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улица Гагаринское Плато 5/3

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1300 hrn for 1 night

улица Гагаринское Плато 5А

rooms: 2 Мест: 4

The most beautiful and popular park in Odessa

At the fifth station Fontana is one of the three largest and most popular parks in the city - the Victory Park. This is the place where you can meet young mothers with prams or friendly hordes of kids on the football field, pensioners, walk their dogs, loving couples on benches and other residents of Odessa. From early spring to late autumn really there are walking, picnics and spend cheerful fun, but all spring sledding and skiing. Victory Park is certainly one of the favorite and most visited, places it is indigenous and visiting residents, mainly because there is rare to find tourists and vacationers. But another feature of this place is the proximity to one of the widest boulevards in the city - Avenue Shevchenko and French Boulevard. It is on this avenue you can rent a comfortable apartment, renovated, and with all the necessary appliances. And with this site can be made more cheaply and, in fact, we publish announcements of daily rent from owners.

Features and advantages of the Victory Park

Victory Park was put into operation more than half a century ago, and still pleases visitors with its beautiful views and amazing plants. The area of ​​the Victory Park is more than fifty hectares, on which an artificial landscape of hills and ponds has been created in which there are small islands connected by bridges to the shore. Waters Park are the central composition in Victory Park, because they are equipped with decorative fountains, booths for wild ducks and swans, and they are placed on the perimeter of the bench. Despite the fact that the artificial ponds, there is found a real fish, and in the park were planted more than two hundred species of different plants: trees and shrubs in the alleys. An important advantage of this park, a tourist point of view, is that it is located in the tourist area of ​​Arcadia. And this is why apartments for rent near Victory Park is very popular with guests and visitors of Odessa.

Remove apartment near Victory Park via

With site very easy to search and booking of apartments and houses for rent in Odessa, near Victory Park. You can quickly create a list of ad and liked to save options in your personal account. Call the owners of the apartments, to clarify questions and to negotiate a discount. With can rent cheap good apartment for a day or longer in the area of ​​Victory Park. It is practically the center of Odessa, which is close to the beaches and the old town and other attractions.