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A summary of this area as the Cheryomushki

Cheryomushki - it is a large residential area, with a population of more than a hundred and twenty thousand persons. It is the third of the population and the second largest district in the entire city, which is located within the boundaries of the area Malinowski. The area was built up and formed in the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century, and therefore the precedence of the houses here make five-storey houses of the Soviet period. The boundaries of this residential district are on the streets General Petrov, Joyful, Marshal Malinovsky, the street Komarova and Admiral Avenue. To rent an apartment in the area for his short trip to Odessa, it's best to use the site with the help of this electronic resource you can for ten minutes to determine the options for daily rental, and even book a desired option. On every day you can find the updated offers of Apartments for rent from the owners.

Apartments with a comfortable infrastructure

In Odessa, come not only tourists and vacationers, but also students, seasonal workers and various specialists. After all, in this city are also well-known educational institutions, branches of global companies and businesses, as well as medical facilities and treatment centers. For such travel it is also important to the location of the property, but unlike the tourist areas, where it is desirable to the proximity of the beach and entertainment, in this case, the decisive factor is the transportation and proximity to the destination. Housing estates and homes in the area Cheryomushki are ideal for short tourist trips not to Odessa, because they are located near the center of the city. At the same time, rent apartments in the area is not as expensive as in other central districts. With site visitors can rent an apartment in Odessa from the owner without commissions and other interest in any area, including in Cheryomushki.

Real estate for rent without intermediaries in Odessa

Electronic resource provides an opportunity for guests of Odessa to find and remove a day or longer inexpensive apartment from the owners. Quite often, the main argument in favor of the hotel is that the room for it does not have to pay more and the mediator in the person of a realtor or agency. With You no longer need to pay the commission, and you will be able to afford a comfortable apartment on Cheryomushki, or in any other area of ​​Odessa. We provide high quality service and guarantee reliability, on the site, ads.