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Chernomorka Odesa apartment for rent

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Chernomorka Odessa for daily rent apartments

Among the variety of sand and other beaches in the city of Odessa stands Chernomorka. This suburb, which is in the vicinity of Odessa, which has its own private beach and stands out as a great option for a family or youth recreation. The main advantage of "Witted" the beach is that it is located directly on the open sea, and not as part of the Gulf of Odessa as the city's beaches. And that's why on this beach, you can feel the real sea breeze that drifted with overseas banks. In addition, the area itself is at a crossroads Chernomorska Ovidopolskogo tap and sea climate, and this combination results in a riot of herbs and plants that cover scenic, blooming neighborhood. In Chernomorka you can enjoy a real holiday by the sea with long days on the beach, dinner at sunset in the cozy restaurants and night swims for the buoys. And in order to make you stay here even better, you should use site for daily rent an apartment or house from the owners.

Apartments for a day or longer in the area Chernomorka

From coast Chernomorka seen a large fountain with the domes of the Holy Dormition Monastery and Ilyichevsk with its beacons. The beaches in this area there is no usual breakwaters, so the beach is very energetic wash large open sea waves. On the banks of Chernomorka there are many cottage villages, housing estates and even residential areas where you can go to rent an apartment for a day scrap from the host via site. We offer a wide variety of real estate near the tennis courts, a spa, restaurants, yacht clubs, beach resorts and other summer fun. The Sauvignon is Chernomorka at the stadium of football club "Chernomorets", which holds its home matches youth team. And if you want you can rent a house or an apartment near this stadium without intermediaries.

Benefits site for daily rent apartments

Website comfortable in the first place so that they can be used as a computer or a portable tablet or smartphone. And even in the most unexpected situations, you can go to our site and just ten minutes to find and book a comfortable apartment for a day or more without commissions and interest for the services of the site. Convenient and bright interface with site a pleasure to work, and you can quickly navigate to the menu and to deal with the search engine. Every day we put out new listings of Apartments for rent in Chernomorka and other areas of Odessa.