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7 km Odesa apartment for rent

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Pearl of the Sea is famous for not only the sea, but also for its bazaars

Rent apartments and houses in the area's largest shopping pavilion Odessa is very advantageous from a financial point of view. Here you can find inexpensive very nice apartment renovated by the owners and on site. The relatively inexpensive cost due to the remoteness of the area from Odessa, but this disadvantage is fully offset by good transport connections. For manufactured goods market seventh kilometer arranged entrances from ten sides, and from here you can get anywhere in the city and at almost any time of the day. In addition, the drive up here between city buses, and here are the largest branch of the shipping service. With site you can rent an apartment in this area for your trip inexpensive and travel to Odessa every day without any problems.

The largest market in Odessa and all over Ukraine

In Ukraine there are several outlets where imported goods are brought, and where are purchased retailers and many shops. The largest such point of sale is the seventh kilometer in Odessa. The name of this huge shopping pavilion derives from the place of its location, namely the distance to the city of Odessa. The market itself is in Ovidopolskom district of Odessa region, at the Congress of the hangar with the street, but it takes more than forty hectares, and it is visited by over one hundred thousand customers. Seventh kilometer can be considered as a separate populated area of ​​Odessa, because there is a bank, hotel, medical center, police station, food market, entertainment network, fire station and other important elements of the infrastructure. With site Odessa, visitors can rent a property from the owners in the area, no fees for the service website or book.

Rent apartments near Seventh

A lot of entrepreneurs, factories and industries are purchasing materials for Sway activities and raw materials for production here. They send their buyers or representatives so that they have chosen the desired item, purchased it and brought to the place of production. To this end, thousands of employees come to Odessa every day, as well as the seventh kilometer is separated from the city, it is very inconvenient to settle in the most Odessa. In order to complete their business in the market and have a rest after the move and work, it is best to rent an apartment in the vicinity of the seventh kilometer. You can find a suitable option of an apartment or house for a day from owners on site and rent it without intermediaries. You can also book suitable housing without commissions in advance, so as not to think about it on arrival.