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The main character of Odessa movies

When people talk about Odessa, we first recall the Potemkin Stairs, and all the tourists eager to see this building on the first day of the rest. Potemkin Stairs is located on the Promenade, it leads to the sea and begins near the monument to the Duke of Richelieu. The staircase is made in the classical style, and was built in the first half of the nineteenth century by famous architects Boffo and Melnikov. This is the main entrance to Odessa from the sea, which has become a symbol of the architectural appearance of Odessa. On the stairs of Odessa wrote Alexander Green, Jules Verne, Mark Twain and Nikolai Ostrovsky, and it is considered one of the most famous tabloid stairs everywhere. All the residents of Odessa, and even tourists know that the original staircase consisted of two hundred steps, observation decks separated into ten parts, but today, if you count the steps, you will not be counted as eight, which were covered during the expansion of the port. In order not to climb to the top on this huge stairs on the right side of it there is a small working funicular, which is so popular with tourists.

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Potemkin Steps, as well as other famous sights of Odessa, is located in the central district of Primorye. The site you can rent an apartment on a street in the area without intermediaries, because we work exclusively with property owners. On our site a large selection of announcements of daily rent of apartments and houses for tourists and visitors to the city, and you will be able to choose the most comfortable apartments. We offer a cozy studio apartments and spacious apartments with high ceilings, for families and large companies.

Apartments and houses for a day near Potemkin Stairs

Do citizens of Odessa is a parable that the Potemkin Stairs is similar to life. When you look at it from the beginning, it seems high and consisting of small steps, but when you look back at the end, you realize that were like small steps and large platform, which will remain forever in our memory. If you are a fan of the Potemkin Stairs and love her as well as Odessa, you can arrange a race every morning on her steps, rented an apartment nearby using site. Here you can find and remove from the owners apartments on Catherine Square, Seaside Boulevard and face or other streets that lead to the famous monument of Odessa - Potemkin Stairs. We offer only genuine ads, verify the authenticity of which you can, to contact the owner on the specified website, phone.