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Apartments for rent Deribasovskaya street Odesa

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вулиця Пушкінська 1

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Жуковского 45

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Преображенская 11

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Решильевская 7

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улица Жуковского 30

rooms: 1 Мест: 3

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ул.Садовая 15

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The indigenous inhabitants of Odessa like to walk on the street Deribasovskaya

It is difficult to find a man in Ukraine who would never have heard about Deribasovskaya Street in Odessa. Knows about it, even those who never came to Odessa, because of this street is spoken in many anecdotes, literary works, and even in the movies. Deribasovskaya Street is located in the city center, it is to be blocked, and is a major center of pilgrimage for tourists during the summer. The street is paved with macadam on a walk street vendors, musicians and guests of Odessa, admiring the beautiful old buildings. Houses on Deribasovskaya are very closely next to each other, usually on the first floors of restaurants and famous shops, and on the second linguistic centers, hotels, offices. If you turn the corner of a house, you can see the real Odessa courtyard, in all its glory on the balcony with drying laundry, cats under the windows and children playing. If you want to Odessa, you can stay right on Deribasovskaya, rent an apartment with the help of site.

Apartments on the day with a view of the shopping center "Europa"

In some houses on Deribasovskaya still not had time to settle down offices and businesses, and they are still owned by the indigenous inhabitants of Odessa, who rent out their apartments. To familiarize with the offer of daily rent on Deribasovskaya can use site. here it is published only those applications that offer the owners themselves, without intermediaries, and realtors. Thus, you can rent an apartment for a day or more without commissions and paperwork. You can rent an apartment directly on the street Deribasovskaya overlooking the shopping center "Europe". Here you can find a large supermarket on the ground floor, fashion boutiques, and cafes in the upper tiers, which offer excellent view of the entire city and Deribasovskaya. Renting an apartment on the street, every night you can enjoy music and walk around the evening Odessa.

Apartments and houses for rent in the heart of Odessa

Deribasovskaya Street - this is not the whole center of such a large city like Odessa. After all, most of Catherine, Pushkin, Lanzheronovskoy and other streets have retained their historic abundance and are also considered cultural heritage. But it was so Deribassovskaya chosen by tourists for its flavor and a real maritime atmosphere. The site you can find and rent an apartment a stone's throw from all the most interesting sights of Deribasovskaya street, or book accommodation for their upcoming trip. We offer a large selection of inexpensive and comfortable apartments on the day directly from the owners.