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Apartments for rent Beach Arcadia Odesa

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1999 hrn for 1 night

улица Гагаринское Плато 5/3

rooms: 2 Мест: 4

1300 hrn for 1 night

улица Гагаринское Плато 5А

rooms: 2 Мест: 4

Apartments for rent on Arcadia

One of the most popular and expensive areas in Odessa Arcadia considered. This resort area, which is the beach of the same name, the park, as well as a variety of restaurants, beach resorts and night clubs. It can be reached at the fifth tram or walk down to the fifth or the seventh station of Big Fountain. Most of the tourists coming to Odessa, wish to settle it in Arcadia, because it has everything you need for a night's rest and the sea in Odessa. With site you can find and book a cheap apartment on Prospect Shevchenko, Chernyakhovsky the street or square of the tenth of April, which are in close proximity to Arcadia. On our site apartments and houses for a day, which can be rented directly from owners, no middlemen and commissions. You can find and take a day or more comfortable apartment overlooking the sea or the green slopes of the embankment, spending only a few minutes to search on site.

Apartments and houses for a day near Arcadia

Those planning a summer trip to Odessa, it is best to stay close to the beach. After all, the holiday season is usually a public transportation is crowded and get to the beach is very uncomfortable. To save money for housing, but at the same time comfortable to rent an apartment, you can use the site Here you can find a lot of ads on apartment rent from owners, no commissions and middlemen. We offer clean and comfortable apartment on the day and more right next to Arcadia and other beaches, you can rent directly from the owners.

History and the present one of the most popular resort areas of Odessa

It Arcadia became the center of pilgrimage for tourists in Odessa, as the other beaches are steep cliffs and slopes at very high Fontanskaya road. The path of the slopes hard going up and down not only for children or the elderly, and even young people, because in the summer is very hot. And in Arcadia is a very natural and smooth descent, who was formerly the ravine, which is why many people choose this beach to relax. Just a few years ago, an alley that leads to the beach was renovated, new tiles are placed, put benches and a children recreational area. Happy Arcadia - is the perfect place for a family holiday with attractions, cozy cafes and ice cream at every step, but at night turns into Arcadia nightlife center with trendy restaurants and night clubs, which often hosts concerts of famous musicians.