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Going to travel, wherever it is, there are always many additional issues, that one should take care about before the travel. Very often there is a few time to plan the travel, but we want it to pass smooth. The portal Svitrent is created to help you to find the best housings, practically in any corner of the world and simplify travel planing. You will find on our basis apartments and houses for daily rent from owners that will also help you save a lot. This type of accommodation, in addition to its thrift, comfort also differs, because, taking an apartment you provide yourself close to home, comfort and everything you need, from the point of view of life. If one day you decide to rent an apartment or house for a day or more, on a trip, we guarantee that this is the type of accommodation you choose is constantly in the future.

Stay for a day or more in Novgorod-Seversky

If you want to learn more about the history of Ukraine, from the time of Kievan Rus', then you should definitely look into the Novgorod-Seversky. City shrouded in many legends and secrets you slightly open the veil on heroic historical past and the origins of Ukraine and Russia, it is in these parts has been written, "Lay." But not only the history of the city is famous, beautiful landscapes, beautiful nature, clean water of lakes and rivers Desna, along with a huge cultural and historical heritage are a fount of spiritual culture. For this reason, many strive to come and stay here to feel the impact of this extraordinary city.

Apartments for daily rent in Novgorod-Seversky from owners

Housing daily rent is a worthy alternative to another kinds of dwellings. In this case you get conditions even better than in a hotel, at the price of a hostel, but the main plus that differs flats rentals from hotel rooms or beds in a hostel is solitude. No one will bother you during your stay and you will not see the crowds of tourists. It is especially good, if a you have a business trip. Even if you travel just for a couple of days, still better to spend time relaxing and resting completely in body and soul. We are one hundred percent sure that by rental apartments on our website, you will return to us again, because it is your comfort and convenience - our work