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Apartments in the village of Nikita rent from owners

Crimea - is not only Yalta, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Kerch and other famous cities. It also towns and villages, each of which has its own special charm. To get acquainted with the area you have chosen as the destination, do not rent rooms in hotels. It is better to rent an apartment or house for rent, directly from the owner. First of all, it will bring you more freedom, privacy and comfort. Stay - it is to be left to itself, without the crowds of tourists and the service is good rest, which will contribute to the maximum relaxation and purification, both body and mind, and soul. This is something for which we are planning this vacation!

Nikita stay for a day or more

Urban village, located on the southern coast of Crimea, will give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the sea, sun and sand in silence and alone. How often do you meet these places? Fairly rare. But it is much more pleasant to enjoy it all and have a good rest away from the large number of tourists disturbing really relax. If the sea itself can not afford to do a full-fledged vacation, between him and the village itself is Nikita Botanical Garden, a walk which certainly complement your trip. Resting here, you just relax, a hundred percent.

Apartments for daily rent from owners

Rental apartment business, which often requires our precious time. Rent a good apartment, which would meet all the requirements actually much more complicated than we imagine. It turns out, not enough to know what we want, if not to worry about the rent in advance, it is possible instead to dabble in some water, spend the entire first day of the rest in search of himself, the one and only housing. What could be better? Portal "svitrent" offers in advance take care of housing, and remove the perfect accommodation for a day or more, long before the arrival. All you need - is to visit the site, choose a city, number of guests and days, your living conditions, as well as the desired street. Voila, the system of the selected options, you can select the ones that best meet your requirements for a comfortable holiday. If you find an apartment that you like, but it is not equipped with something, well, vital, you can always contact the landlord and agree on additional services. Thus, traveling to "svitrent" will bring you the most positive emotions and you can start a new working life full of energy after a wonderful holiday