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улица Долгое Озеро 52

rooms: 2 Мест: 6

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We all know, that there is no place better than home, but even during travels one can feel almost like at home and this is better than out of place. Few people stay in hotels, and those, who stay in hotels for a day or more, understand, that this does not always mean comfortable or cheap. There is an alternative for hotels, rent of flats daily or more. What are the pluses? You arrive at a flat, where nothing disturbes you, where you have everything you might need. And the most important is the place where you feel like at home and comfortable. It is better, than staying in hotels with similar rooms with hectic staff. You might be pleasantly astonished by the financial part of the question - by renting apartments daily or more you save a lot of money. 
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Myrhorod, a security of a good rest is the rent of a flat from owners

Having visited Myrhorod once, you will want to return there. This is a city of relaxation, recovery and marvellous rest. Outstanding nature, seven health centres and balneomud resorts will grant you a marvellous time, far from mundane troubles, they take care about your body recovery and many sights will help you to relax and enjoy the nature. If you want, you can submerge into the world of Gogol and his famous Sorochinskiy fair, only in 16 km there is a village, where the play took place. Those are the questions that need to worry you, planing a travel to Myrhorod. The least our site can do for you is to help with flats rental and make your stay in this city even cozier. 

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