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Daily rent apartments in the Shevchenko district

Apartments for rent or for a long time, in fact, the amount of time it does not matter, it is important to select the most comfortable living conditions. for every second spent in another city was comfortable, rent an apartment for rent rent exclusively from owners. This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises, and also removes any additional payments, especially unexpected. Such people are particularly frustrating.
Portal SvitRent cares for each of its clients, offering the opportunity to stay for a day or a longer period of time, depending on your desires, in the most pleasant, and even democratic prices. This situation will make holiday brighter, more comfortable, more fun and more diverse.

Why Shevchenko district?

Despite the fact that in this area there is the exciting monuments, special architectural buildings, and many will say that the area is perfectly normal, yet there is something to see here. The main value of, perhaps, part of the area, which falls under the protection of UNESCO: Old Market Square. In addition, there are sites that can not be found in the center: a monument to the victims of the Lviv Jewish ghetto, stele victims of political repression and so on.
The area is also not devoid of museums and parks. But in general, this is a region, which is called the Sleeper, the area where the usual Lvov live normal life and work. If you are interested in the life and everyday life of citizens, such areas are of particular value.

Originality, uniqueness, authenticity: choose the correct adjectives best travel

If we look from the point of view of the possibility to rent a house here, it will be those apartments, which are usually removed ordinary people who work in the city. Tourists usually are rental apartments are not removed, but in vain. Removing such housing at least for a day, from the owners, you get an invaluable opportunity to stay in the usual conditions of ordinary citizens, to experience unforgettable days and feel close to the culture and way of life of people living in Lviv.
Choosing a house from the owner in an area you choose is not only proximity but also directly involved in the life of the city, because the center - a travel cover, bait, and life, a real city life goes on, there where tourists no longer enters. Change this, and you will change the course of your adventure, spend an absolutely unique time in the city and learn such things which are not known to many others, because talking to indigenous people your journey be filled with authenticity, and that's just fine, because it is pushing the boundaries of understanding and vision such popular destinations, which you can open it in a new way.