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Apartments in Lutsk

If you try to describe Lutsk in a few words, perhaps an ancient, mysterious architecture is the most suitable. Business card of the city - Lutsk castle. Any review of a trip to this city is to begin with a call to visit the Upper Castle to witness the extant miracle building era of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
But the amazing discoveries of Westminster castle Lutsk do not end there. One of the most beautiful, atmospheric building - House Kosachev, built in the late XVIII century, next to the castle of Westminster buildings and belonged to the church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul.
In Lutsk the river Styr, on the banks of which the already beautiful and harmonious, but it perfectly complements the natural landscape "House of Sculptor", which houses five hundred original sculptures.

Rent an apartment for a day

Advantages of one of the most beautiful Ukrainian cities cannot convey in a short note. So, collect your bags and feel free to go explore the historical monuments themselves. Do not forget to just about daily rent housing need to take care in advance. Book apartments for rent in any area of ​​the city will be able to each.
Why waste time calling at all well-known hotels, hoping to find a cheap hotel with good conditions. To rent a house,  so bring your own vacation to the comfort and homely atmosphere, pay for it an adequate amount. Rent an apartment, even for a day with a warm shower and a soft bed and beautiful dishes will make your stay in the city flowless. Where to go from purchases made on the local market?
Of course in rented apartments, where you can make tea, covered with a warm blanket, sweet tooth. And in the morning, slept again be fully prepared for the discovery and study of the Old Lutsk.

Rental property from the owners

We offer apartments with one to four rooms, as well as single-storey and two-storey houses with an excellent layout. All offers come directly from the home, removing the housing via the Internet, you will save money and time. The saving is obvious: rental of property made without intermediaries, which means that you pay to the landlord. To stay - this thing five minutes. Despite the fact that our database is constantly updated, confusion never arises, everything is structured and clear.
Choose a city, date of arrival and departure, number of guests and click "search." Instantly the screen will show you different in configuration from the owners apartments