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Svyatoshin Kiev apartment for rent

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Apartments in the area Svyatoshino

Svyatoshinsky area is the western outskirts of Kiev, and is one of the largest and most densely populated. This area consists of smaller residential areas, such as Aviagorodok, Akademgorodok and Belichi. The main streets of this area are Chernobyl, Priluzhnaya, Nikolai Ushakov, as well as the prospectus of the Victory. Almost always, new high-rise buildings under construction in the area, shopping malls and other modern buildings, but also here there are older buildings, as well as the private sector. In Svjatoshynskyi area are many medical institutions, which are known throughout the country, such as the Scientific Center for Radiation Medicine and two city clinical hospital. In this area, a lot of proposals for apartment rent is for those who pass a short-term internship, training or come for an examination in a hospital. But you can also rent a house here for short trips in other cases, as in Svjatoshynskyi area you can find a good apartment inexpensively.

Metro Network in Svyatoshinsky district

Svyatoshino is one of the areas where a well-developed subway system, there are three new stations "Zhytomyr" "Akademgorodok", "Svyatoshin". The last station is the oldest in the area, it was constructed in the late nineties, while the two other - at the beginning of the two thousandth. Our extensive underground grid of Sviatoshynsky area, you can quickly reach any part of Kiev in just four hryvnia. In addition, in this area there are car station of regional importance, as well as the railway station. In Svjatoshynskyi area, you can rent an apartment in a new building is renovated, and find a more budget option in one of the typical five-story building Svyatoshino.

The best apartments for daily rent in the area Svyatoshino

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