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The history of one of the most beautiful areas of Kiev

It was at the hem rolls indicator locations that are advised to visit the tourist guides in Kiev. The area got its name due to its geographical position on the slopes of the hills that go down to the river Dnieper. But the mountainous terrain just now read a highlight, but until the eleventh century due to a large inclination, the location was unsuitable for building and living. But in spite of this, since the days of Kievan Rus Podol was the center of commercial and cultural life of the city, the people here were conducted Veche, fairs and other important events in the life of the medieval city. Today Hem has not lost its historical appearance, there still hovers the romantic atmosphere of the past century. If the purpose of your visit to Kiev is a business or leisure, the hem is equally well suited as a location. With site you can find and remove from the owners of a nice apartment with a view of the St. Andrew's descent, or other attractions Podil.

Famous and unknown Ulichka Podil

The most important and widely known even beyond the country chapels Podil attraction is St. Andrew's descent. This is a fairly wide street, which is neatly laid out with macadam and connects Kontraktova Square with St. Andrew's Cathedral and University Street. Here almost every day going to the artists, poets and craftsmen of all trades, to sell their products or simply to share the work of the masses. With site you can rent an apartment for a day or more in one of the houses that overlook the St. Andrew's descent, or on Kontraktova Square, opposite the metro station. In addition to Andrew's Descent Hem also known Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Gostiny Dvor and the Church of the Intercession. Renting a flat in the area, you can every day to walk the historic lanes and courtyards with ancient architectural monuments.

Apartments for rent for lovers in Podil

Hem with his old romance is perfect for honeymoon or a romantic trip for two. With site you can rent a cozy one bedroom or studio apartment from the owners without intermediaries or commissions. Rent an apartment for the weekend or on Quay Street Postal Square, or check out other options for apartments and houses for a day on site. possible to find and book a variety of options from the owners of apartments in the Podolsk district, especially near the St. Andrew's descent, or funicular.