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Apartments in the center of Kiev

The capital of Ukraine is one of the fastest and busiest cities in Europe, and its central part - is the main artery of the economic, political and social life. For this reason, those who desire during his short trips to Kiev, to keep abreast of all the news, and be in the middle, remove the apartment is in the center. In the center of Kiev are the main public institutions, such as Parliament, the Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Bank and therefore foreign visitors tend to live closer to them. In addition, at the Independence Square are the main celebrations, concerts, promotions and demonstrations, and on Khreshchatyk are the best shops, restaurants and beauty salons. Here come the well-known personalities, politicians, writers and tourists, and they are all rented accommodation in the center. That is why the apartments and houses for rent in the Crypt and the Shevchenko district are very popular on site visitors.

Apartments overlooking the Mariinsky Palace and the dome Pechersk Lavra

Many define the center of Kiev Independence Square is only one, but in fact it is not. The center occupies the entire Caves, Podolsky, and part of the Shevchenko district, and stretches over a hundred square kilometers. This station "Khreshchatyk" metro, "Cave", "Golden Gate", "Palace of Sports", "Klovskaya", "Theatre", "University", "Leo Tolstoy" and many others. With site visitors to the capital can find apartments and houses for a day by the owners on the street Proreznaya, swimming pool, on the Boulevard of Taras Shevchenko, Lesia Ukrainka and other central streets and avenues. With convenient and practical interface of our website, you can immediately choose a suitable price, number of rooms, the desired date, and the area in front of you and immediately receive a list of matching ads.

The best apartments in the center of Kiev from the owners

Every guest of the capital and the tourist has their own preferences about what a comfortable apartment to the owners for a day. Someone thinks that it is a spacious loft on the top floor of a modern high-rise building, close to the major shopping centers and businesses. And someone is a cozy studio apartment on one of the quiet streets leading to Independence Square, with a small balcony and a large Soviet batteries. Both options are ideal apartments for a day, you can find a book on the desired date using site. we suggest ads of daily rent apartments from owners in all areas of Kiev, including those in the center.