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Apartments and houses in the green part of Kiev

Almost in the center of a noisy and very bustling capital of Ukraine there is a corner of greenery and unspoiled nature, which is called the Holosiivskyi forest. This forest is a part. Historical and sleeping area called Goloseevo, which is located between the metro station Towers and Feofania Industrial and sleeping areas. Goloseevsky area is associated with a green area and the park in which every weekend Kiev come with their families to relax, go boating or biking. Renting an apartment in the area, you will have access each day to the treadmill and really beautiful species, so you can relax after work or courses, to sit on the grass and read a book or talk to friends. apartment can be rented on site with views of the park from the owners Goloseevsky inexpensive and diversify their short trip to the capital.

The best apartments for a day from the owners

In order to find a good apartment or house to rent for a day, and it is relatively inexpensive. We offer not just an apartment in the new high-rise buildings with good location location, but offer an opportunity to rent a cozy, clean and very home from the owners apartments, where you can really relax and unwind in Kiev, far from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Holosiivskyi district attracts attention first of its green area and relative proximity to the center, which is why every year the growing popularity of apartments and houses for rent in this neighborhood. On can immediately select the necessary minimum of amenities, appliances and beds that are important to your location during a short trip. Rent a site - is at the same time and is very convenient, because you are using a user-friendly filter can create a list of suitable options and direct contact with the owner, without intermediaries, without spending a lot of time.

Goloseevo - the cultural center of Kiev

Holosiivskyi district - is not only a park and a forest zone, but also the country's largest astronomical observatory, as well as the well-known Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Pirogovo. Also, this area is very good for daily rent apartments if your visit is connected with educational or business institutions that are at the center, because the trip from the center in Holosiivo takes no more than fifteen minutes on the bus, subway or trolley. With can choose an apartment for a day or night in close proximity to the subway station or bus stop and rent it without commissions.