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Belichi Kiev apartment for rent

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600 hrn for 1 night

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In Kiev, hundreds of people each come with a variety of goals, someone planning a romantic vacation, someone tourist route, one training course, and some extra money. That is why is individually suited to each situation, and look for an apartment, but in order to simplify this search, it is best to use the site On our electronic service you just a few minutes will be able to create a list of suitable apartments and houses for a day by the owners. With the help of built-in filters, you can immediately weed out options with an insufficient number of rooms or in the wrong area, and choose those options that are available during your trip. The most popular are usually considered apartments in residential areas and residential areas such as Belichi. It is here that you can take off a comfortable and inexpensive apartment for your short trips without commissions site.

Belichi - promising residential area with lots of good apartments at night

Residential area between Liberty Avenue, Prospect Akademika Palladin, streets and Obukhovskoy Bulakhovskogo called Belice. Like many bedroom sets Kiev, Balic were annexed to the city during the Soviet era, in the times of Khrushchev, but many houses built here and now. Before that it was a separate town, which is based on the vicinity of Kiev for more than two hundred years ago. To date, the squirrel has everything you need for a comfortable stay on a permanent basis, and during the short trip. In order to ease the search for housing and save money on the services of a realtor, you can use the service Renting an apartment in a five-minute walk from the metro station Akademgorodok or trolley stop by the owners with a convenient and fast service

Apartments and houses for a day by the owners in Belic Site - is a step in front of the property market, which will help to avoid the monopoly of many large real estate agencies. After all, on this site owners real estate in Kiev place their ads on the daily rental, which you can view without commissions. In addition, with the help of can reserve a hotel apartment for a day or more absolutely free. We offer visitors independently verify the authenticity of ads, and contact the owner using the contact details which are specified in the declaration. You will also be able to negotiate a discount or discuss additional accommodation.