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The highest observation deck in the capital - the monument Motherland -mat

Monument Motherland is located on the slopes of Pechersk, in the heart of Ukraine's capital, it rises above the city as a symbol of the victory of the Ukrainian people over fascism. This is one of the most high-memorial monuments in the world, which opened even Nikita Khrushchev. The sculpture is on Ivan Mazepa Street, where new homes are also listed and state-owned institutions. The height of the observation platform of more than one hundred seven meters, and "Motherland" can be seen in any part of the city, because the rises on the hill of the right bank. The site can find a great variety of ads on apartment rent in the area of ​​the monument from the people of Kiev. You can rent an apartment or house for a day in the old Soviet hut, and in the new building with comfortable conditions. By using our site, you can remove a cozy apartment near one of the highest and most impressive monuments of the country. With convenient menu with built-in filters, you can very quickly find a suitable apartment or house for a day from owners without middlemen and commissions.

Every tourist should see to Kiev from the monument Motherland

"Motherland" - is first and foremost an impressive building, which impresses with its size and majesty. According to the architects, this monument should stand for more than a hundred years, according to recent tests, the design is in perfect condition, without any damage. Inside of the memorial is a museum of the Second World War, and at the top are equipped with viewing platforms. In order to enjoy the panoramic view of Kiev with a bird's-eye view, it is possible to rise to the head or the hands of the sculpture, you can use one of the two elevators or climb the stairs. With the sculpture offers an unforgettable view of the capital of Ukraine, and every tourist simply must see it. On can find, book or rent an apartment for a day or more in the heart of Kiev, in particular, on the street of Ivan Mazepa, and where is "Motherland". We offer cheap apartments from owners in perfect condition and with all necessary equipment.

Apartments in Pechersk district for a day or more

"Motherland", as well as other architectural and cultural sights of the capital, located in the Pechersk district. It is here that most educational institutions, business centers, museums and other places of interest for tourists and visitors. And in order to save time on travel, you can rent an apartment right in the area with the help of site. we will help you to rent a good apartment near the transport interchange without intermediaries and without commissions.