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Apartments for rent Kyiv National University of Taras Shevchenko Kiev

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Жилянская улица 62/64

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850 hrn for 1 night

вулиця Дмитрівська 2

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Shota Rustaveli Street 33

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Kiev University - one of the oldest schools in the country

Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University is considered one of the most prestigious and oldest educational institutions of Ukraine, and Europe in general. It is a national center for the development of culture and science, as well as an autonomous research institution. The main building of the university, called red, as is made of flame-red brick commissioned by Emperor Nicholas II. This building is located in the street Vladimir, is a national architectural monument, in front of him is a small, cozy park, as well as metro station. In addition, the main building is surrounded by a number of more buildings, among which the yellow body, Maksimovic library, an astronomical observatory, a nature reserve, and of course, the Botanical Garden. On You can find a lot of apartments and houses for a day, which are in close proximity to the university. Renting an apartment in the area, you can walk through the quiet ancient streets and enjoy the atmosphere of Education and Science.

Apartments on the day with views of the botanical garden

Since University. Shevchenko is one of the largest in the country's scientific institutions, it owns a number of other structures, including the Botanical Garden Fomin. The garden is located behind the main building of the University - in the street Petlyura, and is considered one of the oldest botanical gardens in Ukraine. This is a wonderful place to grow rare plants from around the world, there is the greenhouse complex for tropical plants, and alleys with beautiful flowers. Renting an apartment nearby, you can enjoy the beauty of the place, and every morning you will wake up the unforgettable scents of exotic flowers. To quickly find and book an apartment with views of the botanical garden, visit the page, because here are collected announcements of daily rent of comfortable apartments and houses in the area.

Nice apartments in the historic center of Kiev on the site

With site can quickly find an apartment in any convenient area, and remove it for a day or longer from the owners. You can rent an apartment with a view of the red or yellow building of the university, botanical garden, astronomical tower, or find accommodation in the vicinity of the sports complex. On one of the largest selections of property from owners that can be booked without intermediaries and commissions. Do not miss your chance to stay in an apartment opposite the legendary University.