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Apartments for rent Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Kiev

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Shota Rustaveli Street 33

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Apartments for rent for spiritual journeys

In Kiev come not only tourists, students and workers from all over Ukraine, and it is also the faithful, as well as theologians. This is due to the fact that the capital city is located on the hills of the biggest national cultural and historical reserve and spiritual center - Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. This is one of the first monastery, which was built in the Kievan Rus and the hundreds of years of its existence has become a powerful spiritual and cultural center not only in Kiev, but the whole country. To view the whole territory of the reserve, visit temples and galleries, which are located in its territory, is not enough one day. That is why the pilgrims and those who travel to Kiev for the monastery, prefer to stay here for a couple of days to leisurely explore all the sights and enjoy the beauty of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. With site you can find an apartment in the vicinity of the reserve, so as not to spend too much time on the road. With the help of this online resource as can find cozy and clean apartment in a good area of ​​Kiev from the owner, without any middlemen and commissions.

Apartments near the metro station "Heroes of Dnepr"

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is also located near the largest park in the capital - the Victory Park. This landscape ensemble is distinguished not by some sparse vegetation or monuments, and a rare landscape created by nature itself, and framed man. The Victory Park often walk couples in love, because there are many cozy arbours and arches, as well as dogs, as the main area is occupied by green lawns. It is also a favorite place of artists, who paint views of the Dnipro river and the golden domes of the Caves in Kiev. You can rent an apartment in front of the Victory Park of the owners with the help of an electronic resource, which posted ads on the daily rent in a variety of areas, including near the "Heroes of Dnepr" metro station. The area is also famous Art Arsenal, which often hosts cultural events and meetings.

Apartments in the old cultural part of Kiev

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is famous only for its spiritual district facilities, such as old churches, bell towers, seminaries and underground caves, but also a variety of galleries, educational institutions and libraries. Each month, come here, students and researchers to get acquainted with rare books, manuscripts and icons. Renting a flat near the monastery you perforce feel an indescribable atmosphere of education and culture.