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Apartments for rent Independence Square Kiev

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Apartments in the central square of Kiev

This Independence Square is the most important, the central square of the Ukrainian capital, which is located between the streets Khreshchatyk and Boris Grinchenko, Sofievka, Institutska and others. At this point occurred the most dramatic events in the history of our country, but at the same time here are the celebrations of national importance, all the biggest concerts and exhibitions, as well as a variety of presentations. In order to be in the spotlight, and is in the peak of cultural and social life during the short trip, it's best to rent an apartment in this area. In the houses of the twentieth century with high ceilings and large panoramic windows, you can remove a good apartment for a day or more relatively inexpensive. After all, if we use the site, it is possible to find accommodation without intermediaries, and accordingly to remove it from the owner, no commissions and interest. By using our site you can also reserve an apartment or a house for a day, because on Independence Square a very large demand for real estate.

Apartments for rent on the street Institutska

Who would not want to live across the street from the President or the Verkhovna Rada? This dream can come true, if you rent an apartment for the night on the street Institutska. It is here that almost all public institutions, such as the Cabinet of Ministers, Presidential Administration, National Bank, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and many others. Institutskaya street as it rises above the Independence Square and leads to the Mall, the picturesque park and Klovsky descent, with amazing views of the city. Apartments on the street are ideal for a romantic weekend for two in the capital, because you can walk around the Square, Independence Square and other places of interest, along with his other half, without wasting time on the road. On site you can also find and remove from the owners apartments on Sofievka, St. Michael's streets, and the street Architect Gorodetsky.

Apartments for rent from owners in the center of Kiev

The main attraction is Independence Square Colon Independence of Ukraine, which towers over the whole area and represents a young, strong and sovereign country. You can rent an apartment or house for a day with a view of the tower and admire it every day from my window. In addition, the underground part of the square there is a large shopping center "Globus", where you can shop and stroll. On presented offers of Apartments for rent exclusively by the owners, so you can inexpensively remove a comfortable apartment in the heart of the capital.