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It offers views of the Golden Gate

In Kiev, there are many monuments as archaeological and cultural, but the Golden Gate is one of the most memorable and interesting. According to legend, at the place where now the wooden structure in the form of an arch, was once the main entrance to the city. According to ancient chronicles, even half a century ago this gate was indeed gold, and built their Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise. Today, the Golden Gate are almost in the heart of the capital, they are surrounded by old houses and new buildings, which do not spoil the facade. To rent an apartment in this area is inexpensive, you should first read the advertisement from the owners, it can be done on site In the area of ​​the Golden Gate, you can remove the perfect apartment for a day or more with a view of the picturesque streets of the capital, but at the same time save by using After all, our electronic resource provides services without commissions and all kinds of interest, so you do not have to pay twice.

Golden Gate - the historical heart of Kiev

Golden Gate in Kiev practically the only defensive structure that is able to not only maintain but also to reconstruct. Today the monument is a museum of the Golden Gate, and the right side - a monument to Yaroslav the Wise. Excursions in a small square with a fountain, lush oak trees which provide shade rescue in the sultry heat of summer. This is a very romantic place, where you can just sit on a bench and enjoy the millennial structure, which is surprising for its size and power till today. With You can rent an apartment with a view of the Golden Gate and the appended Square inexpensive, without intermediaries and commissions.

Golden Gate - a quiet center of Kiev

In the capital come not only students, business people, but also a lot of tourists. Therefore, if you want to explore the capital city for the weekend, and do not spend a lot of time to travel around the city, the Golden Gate area you perfect. This place is located close to Khreschatyk, but far enough away that you do not wake in the middle of the night hum of machinery. From the Golden Gate can be just a couple of minutes walk to the main attractions of the capital, but at the same time you can find an inexpensive apartment for a day by the owners. Use the site, convenient and fast Internet site, which is oriented to the daily rent apartments without intermediaries. With the help of data provided at, you can directly contact the owner of the apartment that you like, and discuss all the details of the settlement, as well as can be to negotiate a discount.