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Zhitomirskaya daily rent near the metro

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Apartments for rent near the new metro stations Svyatonshinskogo area

Zhytomyr Metro Station is a forty-first of its kind, and is located on the Svyatoshinsko-Brovarsky line between such stations as "Sviatoshyn" and "Akademgorodok". This underground site has been recently opened in two thousand third year, Zhytomyr its name derives from the direction of Zhytomyr, where the station is located. The passenger traffic of the transport unit is more than thirty-six thousand people, as well as other stations of the region, this has a very shallow. The lobby is made with the help of functional consolidation of the three rooms: two main cash and which underlined the massive radial jointing the parallel arch. Above the metro transport platforms mounted fluorescent bright lights on solid aluminum hangers. The ceiling of the main hall is painted with yellow paint, and the floor is made of granite with large jointing and rates gabbro.

The convenient location of the subway station Zhytomyr

Zhytomyr "is located on Victory Avenue is the main street of the capital, which connects the center with the outlying residential districts. There is also the station exit street Fyodor Krichevsky, Semashko, Lviv and others, and that is why many are willing to take shelter here daily because of convenient transport interchanges. Metro station made this residential area is very convenient for a short stay, because there is all the necessary infrastructure: shops, convenience pharmacies, hospitals and so on. The site can find a good apartment and remove her from the owners of inexpensive just a couple of mine. The main advantage of the site is simple and convenient, which are provided thanks to the practical menu, bright, but at the same time, simple interface, and lightning fast search engine.

Apartments at the station Zhytomyr by owners

Rent an apartment for a day without intermediaries is the best way to save their personal funds to rent housing in the capital. The site you can find offers of daily rent a wide variety of class and comfort apartments cheap, and thus save a lot of their personal funds. Zhytomyr is perfect for short trips, and in addition, it is located on the Red Line Metro, and hence very convenient to get to the main streets of Kiev: Khreshchatyk, Independence Square, and others. With Not only can you find a good apartment, but book it in advance without fees or additional interest service.