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The most loaded and the old station of the red metro line

One of the oldest stations of the Kiev subway is Vokzalnaya, it was built back in the sixties of the twentieth century, and was put into the first stage of construction. By name you can understand that Vokzal'na located next to the main international and suburban stations of the Kiev railway station, and therefore through this station every day takes about sixty thousand people. And according to the year two thousand eleven is the most loaded node red metro line, and eighty-six, has been awarded the status of "architectural monument of local importance." In the area of ​​the train station, guests of the capital often rent apartments and houses at night in order to transfer to another vehicle or wait for their trains. And with the help site you can rent a nice apartment on the day near the metro station and the most. This electronic service has a large number of ads Apartments for rent from owners, who can also be booked at the front, or save them in your personal account after registration.

The plans of the city authorities on the station station

Almost immediately after the discovery of this underground site was made many suggestions about its reconstruction. But only since the nineties, local authorities have started to seriously consider the project on the construction of a second entrance on the other side, but the start of construction has been postponed for an indefinite line. Today, "Vokzalnaya" has three large underground vestibule: one medium main hall and two landing platform. A ground lobby, which is connected to the train station, built in the form of a two-storey building. Interesting is also the interior, the emphasis which is put on the contrast of white walls and large pylons and bronze medallions depicting important events in Ukrainian history.

Location of the Station and its advantages

Besides that Vokzalna metro station is close to the main train station, there is also located close to the station light rail "Starovokzalnaya", as well as trolley bus stop, and a variety of fixed-route taxis. On site has a lot of options apartments for rent is in the area of ​​the underground station, with a very favorable location. You can remove a good apartment or house for a day without intermediaries, and without additional fees and interest the resource. - it's fast and convenient rental station Vokzalnaya at very competitive prices.