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Svyatoshyn daily rent near the metro

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700 hrn for 1 night

Преображенская улица 40

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The fourteenth node of the red line of the Kiev Metro

Between "Nivki" and "Zhitomir" red line of the Kiev Metro is another unit called "Svyatoshin". This is the fourteenth station of the Kiev Metro, next to which is a lot of factories and enterprises. On the red line is one of the oldest platforms, which was opened in the seventy-first year of the twentieth century and got its name from the adjacent sleeping microdistrict of Kiev. Today it is a modern transportation hub that is finely laid underground, and is made up of solid concrete elements. "Svyatoshin" was built on a single project with "Nivki" station, and enjoys a privileged location on the avenue Victory, in fact located in Svjatoshynskyi area. Which is one of the most popular of administrative districts for apartment rent. This is not surprising, because in this part of the city is the red subway line, part of which is "Svyatoshin", and direct access to the city center within fifteen minutes.

Description subway station Sviatoshyn

Shallow platform Svyatoshyn has a large underground room with a modern and comfortable seating platform for island type, which is inherent in virtually all sites on this line. In the hall there are two rows of columns that serve as a support for a set, and it is connected with the underground stairs lobby. Underpass "Svyatoshino" goes on Victory Avenue, as well as on the platform of the local railway stations of regional significance. In the nineties, the interior of the main hall was slightly changed his equipment, which obviously obsolete, has been replaced by a more modern lighting, escalators and cladding elements. Nevertheless, many of the decorative elements, thanks to which the architects of the station received the Shevchenko Prize, remained unchanged.

Transplant and connections Svyatoshino

Svyatoshyn - it is the red line metro node that has the entrance to the underground passage. This functional connection is laid to the platform of the railway station, as well as to the area of ​​Heroes of Brest, where lots of buses and taxis local significance. With guests of Kiev to the site can take off from a cheap apartment owners in the area "Svyatoshin" Metro, without any commissions. Electronic resource provides a variety of ads on apartment rent without intermediaries, which you can rent for a day from owners or book in advance to rent for the night. - it's easy to use and save money.