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Why rent an apartment with the help of

Rent property in the capital is very expensive, because it is a major cultural, political and social center of the country. But you can save a very good amount of money with the help of an electronic resource, where you can rent an apartment without intermediaries. There are a large variety of ads in a variety of areas, including near the metro station on the Postal Square. In the square there is enough unloaded underground transport hub blue-line, whose passenger traffic does not exceed eleven thousand people a day, and so you can always take the free space in the car and travel via subway comfortably. "Postal area" is very close to St. Andrew's descent, and one of the oldest universities in the country - the National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy", and you can just hire a good accommodation without intermediaries.

Attractions near the sixteenth metro station

Almost immediately at the exit of the underground cash Hall subway Postal Square you can see the golden domes of St. Michael's Cathedral. This Orthodox Church, which attracts hundreds of tourists every day. Besides leaving at the top of the "Postal Square", you immediately get into the Mariinsky Park with cozy alleys, small benches and a variety of attractions. It is very often found walking, a variety of cultural displays and exhibitions of famous artists. And you can rent an apartment close to this metro station via service, where you can find offers of daily rent of apartments and houses from the owners. We offer a variety of options of apartments that you can book in advance for the upcoming trip without any commission website.

Interior design of the metro station Postal Square

Sixteenth subway station in Kiev is located on the blue line between the stations "Independence Square" and "Kontraktova area" and was opened in the seventy-sixth year. Postal area is located near the river station on the Dnieper River, which is also a tourist attraction, and is located near the upper entrance to the funicular. With regard to the design, this station entirely devoted to water issues and it is logical, because the main river in Kiev is very close. Just getting into the ticket hall, passengers see a massive column of black marble, which was brought from Georgia. The interior is one of the most successful and recognized as the best on the blue line.