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Palace of Sports daily rent near the metro

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Большая Васильковская улица 54

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Real estate in the heart of the economic and social life of Kiev

Bessarabian market since ancient times was the center of the economic life of the capital, and was the only place of the sale and purchase transactions. To date, he, of course, lost its position in the economic arena, but remains an important landmark of the city. Beside him are subsidiaries of international companies and firms as well as large shopping malls. And even today in the Bessarabian market can find exotic fruits and vegetables, rare delicacies and other products that could not be found in the usual supermarket. In order to settle during the short trip to Kiev, not far from the market, you can find offers of daily rent apartments in site. On this site you can not only view ads and contact information of owners in them, but also to book a trip in advance for a property without commissions near the Palace of Sports.

Features station Sports Palace

Stop the green branches of the Kiev Metro Sports Palace was opened one of the first in this line, in the eighty-ninth year. This is an important transfer hub, which connects the green and blue lines and passenger traffic is seventeen thousand passengers per day. Near it is also a lot of ground stops of public transport: trolley buses, taxis, buses, which can take guests deep into the sleeping area, which does not reach to the metro. The station "Sports Palace" deeply embedded and has three underground halls, which are connected by a number of portals. These passages alternate with massive granite columns with high section. This unusual structure station provided architects to design the ceiling is not domed, and a trapezoidal shape, which considerably increases the space. The walls of the Palace of Sports in marble coffee color with black accents in the form of engraved on the columns.

Infrastructure near the station Sports Palace

Underground exit from the "Palais des Sports" leads to the streets Rognidinskoy, Big Vasylkivska and Shota Rustaveli. Not far from the metro is a large shopping center "Gulliver" and "Arena City", Sport and Sport Palace area, and a large cinema "Kinopanorama". The guests of the capital can inexpensively rent an apartment close to this metro station via site. This is a very convenient service for daily rent apartments and houses in the capital, which absolutely everyone can use without fees or interest. You can just a couple of minutes to rent comfortable apartments from the owners without much effort on site near the Sports Palace.