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Lukyanovskaya daily rent near the metro

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850 hrn for 1 night

вулиця Дмитрівська 2

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How to find a good apartment in Kiev inexpensively?

Since Kiev is the capital of our country, we rent apartments here - it's expensive for those who come here in a short trip. Many seek the services of real estate agency to find an apartment or house for a day by the owners, but in this case it is necessary to pay fifty percent of institutions services that goes unprofitable if to rent an apartment for a night or a weekend. In order to save your personal time and money, it is best to use the latest achievements of mankind, namely the Internet. With site visitors to the city can rent a good apartment without intermediaries, thus not overpaying half of its value. On our site you can find an apartment in the historic center and in residential housing estates such as Lukyanivka. This district is as close to the central part of Kiev, and you can remove a good apartment inexpensively priced from owners.

Location and infrastructure near the metro Lukyanovskaya

Thirty-eighth station of the green branches of the Kiev subway was opened back in ninety-sixth year, and today it is an important transport hub. It is located between the "Dorohozhychi" and "Golden Gate", and every day here in the passenger traffic flows and forty four thousand people. It is close to the street Copernicus, Tatar, Turgenev, Demetrius, Belarusian, Melnikova, going outside Sychev Streltsov. Located near the Kiev zoo, park named after Heydar Aliyev, Degtyagovskaya face and Big Zhitomir. Due to its location is not in the most expensive area is also close to important governmental, educational and cultural institutions, Lukyanovka district is very attractive for a daily rent of apartments and houses. Especially if you remove these apartments from the owners, with the help of service.

Each station of the Kiev metro - a masterpiece of architecture

In contrast to the European and American subway, which do not differ neatness and cleanliness, the Kiev subway stations are separate monuments. With that, each of them has a unique design and a design that corresponds to the name or the district in which it is located. For example, the station "Lukyanovskaya" symbolizes the aspiration of the present generation in the future. Idea Architects embodied in marble wall covering passenger platforms and the main gallery in black marble.