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Libidska daily rent near the metro

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Pearl of the blue line of the Kiev Metro

Twenty-seventh station of the Kiev Metro stations located between the Palace of Ukraine and Demievskaya named chet flowing nearby river Lybid. From this river is connected the legend about the founding of Kiev, because that was the name of the sister of the three brothers, who are considered the founders. Station Libidska two thousand eleventh year was awarded the status of a monument of cultural heritage, architecture and urban planning, as well as monumental and decorative art. The main advantage of this underground site is amazing lighting, which consists of a variety of lighting fixtures original forms from the different set of brass tubes for the center. Land in the lobby of the station is not available, but it consists of three underground halls: two passenger boarding platforms and the middle gallery with narrow pillars in the middle. Interior walls are lined with pink marble halls and pylons in the middle of the gallery are made of white. Visually, this design enhances and facilitates space.

The largest transport interchange near the new shopping center

Ocean Plaza is a modern shopping and entertainment center with the best shops and restaurants in the capital. It was built six years ago, but has already acquired the status of the most prestigious and convenient location at, because it is near the center of the city, and also near the metro station Lybetskaya. From the area where there is a shopping center, it's only a fifteen-minute drive from any point in the historic part of the city, as well as to get to the bus station or the train station by Metro. That is why in the area of ​​the shopping center is popular daily rental of property for tourist trips and business trips to Kiev. On site you want to stay in a nice apartment near the center of Lybetskoy can find many cheap daily announcements about renting real estate without intermediaries.

Rents an apartment in the center with

Of course, the daily rental housing on Khreshchatyk or Independence Square costing a pretty penny, even the richest travelers. But can find good options close to the central areas of the owners, for example, near the metro station Lybetskaya. Here you can rent a nice apartment for a day on the streets such as boulevard of Friendship of Peoples, Ivan Curls, Antonovich, Big Vasylkivska, Kovpaka or Lybetskoy area. We offer high quality apartments in tsentreneposredstvenno from the owners, you can withdraw without fees or book ahead for your trip.