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A Brief History of the metro station left bank

The ninth station on the Red Line subway is located on Svyatoshinsko-Brovarsky line between the stations "water park" and "Darnitsa". On the left bank is the first station of the red line, which was opened at sixty-fifth year, and got its name from the large located near residential areas, one of the largest and gustozaselёnnyh on the left bank. Due to the fact that this station connects one of the largest in Kiev sleeping neighborhoods and right bank of the city, passenger traffic is about fifty thousand people here. And because of this, in the seventy-sixth year to increase the capacity of the underground site was reconstructed. The two portals outputs of underground passages were added two more outside the lobby. But in two thousand eleventh year, close to the subway was opened also stop Bahn local importance, which also increased the influx of people. That is why the demand for trifling rent of apartments in the area has increased, along with the construction of a new transport hub.

Advantageous location of the metro Livoberezhna

The station "left bank" is very conveniently located between the two halves of the Left Bank housing estate, in particular, the northern and southern parts. Not far from it is the Kiev theater of drama and comedy, as well as the main post office on the left bank. In addition, near the station are attractions such as the International Exhibition Centre, as well as the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection. With regards to the construction of the station, it is located on a large viaduct, has ground type with a large island platform. Sama landing platform is equipped with a canopy, which rests on the columns that are in the middle. Rooms are connected to the station ground lobby using ladders that are attached to the boarding halls. On site contains a large selection of ads Apartments for rent in the area, and you can reserve a hotel accommodation for a trip without commissions.

The favorable rental apartments near the subway?

Today, Metro is one of the cheapest modes of transport, which is at the same time can take you to any part of the city. Another important advantage of this kind of underground transport is speed, because the subway is independent from traffic jams and traffic on the road, and everyone can drive from one end of town to another for forty minutes. That is why the rental of apartments and houses for rent in the area of ​​metro station will help save a lot of your personal funds to travel, as well as your time. And if you remove the apartment with the help of, you can also save money on realtor, because we provide services without intermediaries.