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650 hrn for 1 night

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The terminal station Svyatoshinsko-Brovarsky line Red Line subway

Metro Station Forest was opened in the fifth day of December one thousand nine hundred and seventy-ninth year. Initially, the major hub of the underground transport is called "Pioneer" and was named in honor of the international year of youth and children. But in the ninety-third year after the proclamation of independence of Ukraine, where all metro station renamed, this station was called "The Forest", traditionally in honor of the nearest residential area. This is the final and one of the two busiest stations on the left bank, because her every day ridership of more than sixty thousand people. "Forest" has two external inputs, which are combined with the underground passages that lead to the Brovarsky Avenue and two streets: Popudrenko, Kyoto, and Marshal Zhukov, and using site you can rent an apartment in these streets without intermediaries.

Features of Forest and its location

"Forest" - it is the final stop of the Kiev subway, which is located on the site Svyatoshinsko-Brovarsky line. This residential unit with monolithic concrete structures, a kind of platform on which there is a large shed on concrete columns. The station is built on a unique project, which is based on two-tier structure is put. On the first floor there are two passenger platforms with the main outputs, and on the second premises on the control point. But because of the large passenger flow in the fifth year of two thousand and there is a need of expansion station, and opened underground lobby, which was very effective in the unloading station. Near the "Forest" are streets Popudrunka, Kyoto and Brovarsky Avenue, where you can rent an apartment with the help of site. an electronic resource that hosts the announcement of daily rent from owners property.

Where to find a good apartment near the station forests?

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