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Khreshchatyk daily rent near the metro

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Junction of the Red Line

the underground "Khreshchatyk" The station is located on the red line between the Kiev Metro "Theatre" and "Arsenal". It is not only the hub and center, but also one and the oldest, it was discovered in the sixtieth year of the twentieth century as part of the first stage of construction of the Soviet underground. The name of this station has been given because of the main street, which is adjacent to one of the entrances to the subway underground passage. The passenger traffic of the underground site is as much as forty thousand people per day, and more than thirty years, is known as an architectural monument. "Khreshchatyk" - a transfer hub, which is located between Brovary and Svyatoshinsko-Kurёnevsko-Chervonoarmiiska lines, except that the ways of the station passes overhead branch of the Kiev subway. With the help of page you can rent an apartment for a day by the owners in the area, near the metro station of the above, or to book an accommodation for an upcoming trip. On have a lot of ads on the daily rental of apartments and houses by the owners in the central part of the capital.

Real Estate on Khreshchatyk and other central streets

Upper room for passengers station "Khreshchatyk" is housed in a McDonald's on the same street. In addition, this station is adjacent street Stanislavsky, Architect Gorodetsky and Lutheran Square Ivan Franko, they have a lot of elite high-rise buildings and private homes. The area is full of restaurants, cafes and fast food service, as well as public institutions such as the city council and the regional administration. Not far from the subway can be removed comfortably furnished apartments for your short trip to Kiev via site. this electronic resource is a set of proposals for daily rent from property owners that visitors can view without commissions.

Features architectural composition Khreshchatyk Station

Despite the fact that "Khreshchatyk" station was built in Soviet times, it has been made in the national style. Architects have used folk motifs, marble columns lined with yellow and pink marble, and on the walls of the landing platform located multicolored majolica inserts with ancient floral ornaments. The station was rebuilt several times, and its interior was altered, but the basic concept and the author's idea remained unchanged. On can find and rent an apartment without intermediaries, even in the same building as the underground station.