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Subway near the largest in the capital of the dolphinarium

Despite the fact that the fifty-first node is called the blue-line Hippodrome near the main attraction for him is the Dolphinarium. "Nemo" - a network of dolphinariums, which are not only in the capital but also in Odessa, southern pearl of Ukraine. This is by far one of the largest dolphinariums in Ukraine, which holds a variety show for both children and adults. and many visitors to the city include it in the list of the main attractions to visit. If you are traveling with a baby, you can go for a fun day show, and if together with his second half, it is best to choose a romantic evening session. Near the Dolphinarium is a metro station and a stop of ground public transport, so here is easy to reach. In addition, you can rent an apartment on the day of his visit to one of the new homes that are located near the Hippodrome.

Active life on the outskirts of Kiev - next to the Hippodrome

Near the metro station "Hippodrome" is considered deeply distant from the center, and is located within the boundaries of Holoseievski district close to the southern border of the city. But despite this, there is an active full of life, developing the construction of modern residential complexes, business and shopping centers, roads and other critical infrastructure. Sam metro node was discovered only four years ago, and became the impetus for the beginning of active investment in the construction of the metro station closest to the residential areas, many of which have already been commissioned. You can rent an apartment for rent water from the new houses on the streets Kasiyan, Mikhail Lomonosov, Jakubowski and avenue Academician Glushko, which is directly adjacent to the above node underground. We offer our services to rent apartments located near the "Hippodrome", without any middlemen or additional fees.

Hippodrome - a combination of style and practicality in the subway

It is worth noting that since the station Racecourse is one of the most recent, and was opened in two thousand twelfth year, its design and decoration are the most modern and impressive. This column underground unit with three-system of flight and a large gallery on a number of platforms. Columns in the middle of the main hall between the platforms are equipped with LED lights, and besides them you can see many more technology innovations at the station. There have been many proposals to rename the station "Odessa", but they have not found a response in the local government. Hippodrome - one of the newest transportation hubs blue-line metro, which is located near the bus station, racecourse and the Dolphinarium.