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Hidropark daily rent near the metro

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History and description of the subway station Hidropark

"Water park" is the eighth station of the Red Line subway, which is located on Svyatoshinsko-Brovarsky line between two important stations "Dnepr" and "left bank". The station was opened at sixty-fifth year, and this is one of the few underground sites, as well as the "Golden Gate", which can not be reached by any of the means of public transport, which is the ground. This Metro node is located on the so-called Venice Island, where there is a large recreation park of the same name, as well as the subway. Construction of the metro station was synchronized with the opening of the first line of leisure in this amusement park, and it is much easier for tourists and visitors the way to the park itself. "Water park" - is an intermediate between the right and the left bank, and you can get here only by Brovarsky Avenue, and also in the area is not residential areas or near the area, and only a large entertainment area and rest. But you can rent an apartment on the streets close to the island, such as Rusanovskaya Quay, Naberezhne highway, boulevard Igor Shamo and Ivana Nikolaichuk, and site offers a variety of daily rent apartments from owners.

Design features water park station

"Water park" is also the opening of the station, as well as her previous "Dnepr", and it is equipped with two platforms: the main and the side, they both have separate outputs. The main or the main platform, covered by a canopy placed on the columns. Lateral same platform was built as additional input, and is open only in the seventy-third year on the right side of the platform and was used only in the summer by appointment. But in the eighty-fourth year, it was built a second entrance and the Pavilion was opened to provide continuous passenger traffic. Regarding the interior, it is identical to the design of stations, "left bank" and "Darnitsa", but it is exceptionally green lining. West Station Exit equipped panoramic mural that depicts Kyiv residents stay in the capital.

Rent apartments and houses near the bank of the Dnieper river

Waterfront area near the main water artery of the Dnieper in Kiev, in the first place, is ecologically clean area with beautiful parks and gardens. Water park is the largest amusement park and recreation with its many restaurants, bars, yacht clubs and other facilities for water sports. That is why, far from this island you can find and remove a good apartment or house for a day from the owners with an electronic service We offer a large selection of announcements of daily rent of apartments and houses from the owners.