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The favorable location of the property near the metro station Exhibition Center

The main advantage of real estate in remote areas such as the Metro Exhibition Centre is a low cost relative to other parts of the city. Especially if you look for an apartment for a day or longer to site, because this is where all offers of daily rent from property owners. Thus you will be able to rent a house half the price without paying interest to intermediaries, such as realtors or real estate agents. By underground transport hub adjacent streets such as the prospect Akademika Glushko and Goloseevsky and street Lomonosov Kasiyan, Vasylkivska, where there are plenty of stops of ground public transport. And so you can not only save your personal funds for housing, but also to live near a convenient transportation hub with all necessary infrastructure.

Blue Line Subway Station - Exhibition Centre

Exhibition center for a long time was the last stop of the blue metro line, as it has been completed and is open only in the year two thousand eleven. Today, it is between the "Vasylkivska" and "Hippodrome", and its passenger traffic of more than twenty thousand people a day. Like all new stations in the area, "Exhibition Center" is built on the type of shallow and has two landing platform and the average principal gallery. Designed in a contemporary style, the station is equipped with a modern lift for cargo and passengers in a wheelchair. In general, this underground transport hub for all standards in line with European standards of the metro construction. And unlike stations, which were built in the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century, on the blue line of almost all components, such as the exhibition opened in the two thousandth. Blue subway branch is constantly expanding and growing with the addition of new parts to the city, and that's what came Exhibition Centre.

Apartments for rent near bus and subway Exhibition Centre

For those whose trip to Kiev will be associated with constant travel to neighboring villages, or who arrive at the bus station "South", the most convenient option of accommodation is apartment for a day or longer close to the underground exhibition center. The site a large selection of apartments, which users can rent without intermediaries, or to reserve for future trips with no commissions. We offer a wide range of opportunities associated with the day rent, which includes the book, searching, sorting, selecting and viewing personal data owners. This is one of the most convenient resource for daily rental of apartments and houses for trips to Kiev.