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Dorohozhychi Metro station, which is surrounded by greenery

On the green line of the Kiev Metro are so many squares, parks and other natural areas, and maybe because of this, she called the green. It starts with the neighborhood and Sirec Dorohozhychi, and stretches to the very historic city center - the Caves hills. One of the penultimate station in a residential neighborhood is the "Dorohozhychi" node, which is located near the television center of Kiev. This station is literally immersed in greenery, the surrounding parks, and in fact there is a street with lots of squares Oranzhereina, tract "Kirillov Guy" park "Babin Yar" and Syretsky park. Thus, "Dorohozhychi" on all four sides are surrounded by green areas, and sleeping arrays close to this stopping often overlook one of the parks or squares. On can find and remove inexpensively from owners for a day nice apartment not far from parks and metro "Dorohozhychi". We offer a user-friendly interface and lightning-fast search engine with built-in filters, as well as quality service.

Fortieth station Kiev metro - Dorohozhychi

Another knot green metro line called Dorohozhychi opened between "raw" and "Lukyanoskoy" in the two thousandth year. In the standard scheme of construction of underground transport, this station has three underground halls with the landing platforms and middle gallery, and its design is not very different from the neighboring nodes green branches. But it is here to shoot a video for their song, one well-known Russian artist. In addition, the interesting fact is that after the "Dorohozhychi" underground tunnels sharp turn, skirting the street Academica Schusaeva at a distance of five hundred meters. This is related to the further management plans for the construction of an additional line. "Dorohozhychi" are in the Shevchenko district, close to the TV center of Kiev, as well as in close proximity to the city center, and with the help anyone can rent an apartment without intermediaries "Dorohozhychi" area.

The surrounding streets to the subway Dorogizhichi

The underground passage from subway stop Dorohozhychi out to the streets Melnikov and Strasbourg. Also nearby are the streets of Helena Teligi, Families Khokhlova Belarus, Herzen, in which you can rent for a night or for an upcoming book trips apartments without commissions or interest realtor using service. You can also gain access to personal account and save your favorite ads and generate lists if you register as a permanent user. It can be removed at priced at affordable prices and comfortable accommodation.