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Active station on the red line of the Kiev Metro

The name "Dnipro" is one of the public Kiev subway station, which is based on Brovarsky Svyatoshinsko-line, and is located between the stations such as "Arsenal" and "water park". This important underground site has been opened in the sixties the Soviet period, and today it is the least busy subway station. In the two thousand and second year it admitted that only revealed a monument of architecture and cultural heritage of the capital. Entrance to the subway is a big overpass over Dnipro river embankment line, at the bottom of a steep slope on the right bank. It is this station starts a series of ground-based and open knots on the red line, and its landing platform ladder connected with the ground lobby. Metro "Dnepr" The station is located on Riverside Drive, near the Dnieper slopes and streets of Lavra. It also offers a great view of the river waves, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, and Victory Park. Rent an apartment near "Dnipro" metro is not only referring to the realtor, but also used the site for daily rent housing -

Attractions near the Dnipro subway

First Quay Metro "Dnepr" station is also located in the historical district of Kiev on the right bank. Its location is very convenient for those who live on the right and works on the left bank of the river, or vice versa. After renting a flat close to the metro, you can quickly get to the opposite end of the city, even in rush hour, when the bridges over the river and the road terrible traffic jams. Not far from this land site underground is a historical and cultural reserve "Askold's Grave", as well as the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, and Victory Park. Tourists and visitors can find and remove without intermediaries good options of apartments in the area of ​​the station with the help of an electronic resource This convenient service, which also provides services for booking of apartments without commissions.

Design features Dnipro metro

Besides the fact that "Dnepr" - this is the only ground station, it also stands out for its unusual architecture and design. From the shore to each landing platform attached to the bridges that lead to the marble and glass pylons. They placed a ladder for a comfortable boarding and landing passengers, as well as the pylons are a kind of pedestal for two huge monumental sculptures of Soviet subjects: "Peace" and "Trud", established in the sixties. To date, these passages are closed, but they can also be seen from the main entrance to the lobby.