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The best resource for rent one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments priced

Svitrent Service provides transparent information such details as:

  1. property owner and his contact details,
  2. the location of the proposed property
  3. design, maintenance and availability of the necessary additional equipment.

By the way, the internal situation of almost all the apartments, on the site satisfies the most refined notions of comfort. This and all the necessary appliances, and accessories for personal care products, including bed linen and towels, and kitchen utensils in the kitchen. The range has many choices of luxury apartments, the interior of which is tasteful, and which are ideally suited for a romantic trip.

A rental apartment for a night or longer luxury versions will allow for walks around the city to enjoy its streets and the best places, just go over the threshold of the apartment ..

How to find a room from 150-200 hryvnia in Kharkov?

Kharkiv is considered quite an expensive city in which the property for short-term rent costs money. But Svitrent you can easily find a house in the price range that is affordable for, or even to save their money.

After all, on this site put your ads only owners, therefore you do not have to pay them a commission, and you will be able to afford an apartment closer to the center or to the metro. To stay near the station in the Soviet Kharkov rent rather place an order online reservation on the electronic page, or contact the owner of the apartment at the number listed in the ad.

This metro station is close enough from the city center, and from it you can walk to the store, or even a laundry trolley stop.

Apartment overnight or longer near the subway in Kharkiv

In the modern and multifunctional portal Svitrent section Apartments for rent in Kharkov from the owners, customers offered the opportunity to stay in an apartment for a day, a room for rent in Kharkov near the metro station Sovetskaya.

You will very quickly be able to not only find a most optimal and cost-effective ad for the short-term lease of property, but also book it online. The site offers a wide choice of properties in the metro area "Soviet" and the other stops of the red line. Here are regularly updated reliable ads from property owners, including actual prices by 150-200 hryvnia and to luxury, as well as pictures and description.