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Московський проспект 12

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Warm and cozy colors of the life in Kharkov

It is realistic and achievable, and in fact, all that is needed - is to pick up and rent the most suitable apartments for a day or more. Moreover, what could be better for this purpose than the one site where you can find everything needed, what can be better way than the SvitRent site with the largest base of rental apartments offered directly from the owners?
All apartments are nice, comfortable, affordable and of wide selection, you can choose much more than just the content: the streets, subway stations, where your future temporary home will be located: Moscow avenue, Marshal Zhukov, the Soviet Army, "A. S. Maselskogo" and so on, every corner of the Frunzenskiy district will shelter you.
Rent an apartment from the owner - it is an opportunity to look at the city through the eyes of the locals, not just particular aspects of the life of the city, but complex, all at once. That is why, if in addition to the aim of the trip, you would like to learn more about the city and its culture, then you have only one type of living in the city.

The youngest

In fact, the youngest and the smallest district of the city, yet not the least important. On its territory there are at least five major industrial enterprises, but also there are attractions that give the working charm to the “kid”.
You can’t skip any district of the city if you want to learn the atmosphere of it in the full size. Every area, whatever it is, complements Kharkov and carries a certain value and charm.

Сomfort and convenience change everything

What could be better and more beautiful than apartments for the daily rent from owners? You can say the service at the hotel, cheap hostel, room, but there is nothing better than the apartment, because it all comes together in renting a flat for a day or more, especially when seeing that it has the best of each option. So renting apartments on our website is beneficial from several sides - pricing as hostels, better comfort than the hotel’s, coziness, and warmth.
The time of renting can vary depending on what you need. You can use our services when you need to find a sleep over, or for any longer term. Even if initially you didn’t want to stay but the circumstances forced you to, you can easily find something you need.
We will make sure that you won’t be caught in the city by surprise, we assure you, that having our URL in mind, and in your phone you will feel comfortable in any city at any term, as you will always find the warm shower and cozy bed.