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South Station Kharkiv apartment for rent

8 offers

360 hrn for 1 night

vulytsia Rylieieva 26

rooms: 1 Мест: 2

500 hrn for 1 night

vulytsia Hoholia 2А

rooms: 1 Мест: 4

850 hrn for 1 night

Банный переулок 2

rooms: 2 Мест: 4

700 hrn for 1 night

улица Гоголя 2А

rooms: 1 Мест: 3

1700 hrn for 1 night

Московський проспект 12

rooms: 1 Мест: 2

706 hrn for 1 night

Myronosytska vulytsia 6

rooms: 2 Мест: 2

600 hrn for 1 night

provulok Vorobiova 9/11

rooms: 1 Мест: 4

975 hrn for 1 night

улица Бориса Чичибабина 1

rooms: 4 Мест: 8

One more pearl of Kharkiv

The southern station or Kharkiv-passenger is the main railway station of the city which is in Leninsk the administrative region, and it is considered one of the most important transport hubs and outcomes in east Ukraine. Exactly here the border is passed, and the Russian-Ukrainian border is placed, and every day it is crossed by thousands of citizens on both sides. The station is connected to other part of the city by six lines of tram ways, a trolleybus outcome, and also the subway, a share taxi and bus. Because of a big passenger turnover near the station daily rent of apartments and houses, especially from owners is very demanded. It is very easy and favorable way to stay overnight in Kharkiv, near the downtown. It is the most convenient to look for housing for days in it and other districts of Kharkiv by means of the website, first of all because of operational system of search, and also the convenient built-in filters. On announcements of daily rent of apartments from owners who it is possible to reserve or remove per day without the commissions are placed.

Rent housing in Kharkiv without intermediaries

Use of the website for daily rent of apartments for the period of short-term trips, is big economy of means. While realtors and real estate agencies take for the services at least fifty percent from the cost of real estate, is absolutely free storage of actual announcements. And thus, renting apartment per day or longer without intermediaries, you save to a half of the funds for housing. From you can rent cheap good apartment near the railway station, at Privokzalnaya Square, streets the Poltava Way, Kotsarskoy, Chobotarskoy and others. We offer the most different options of housing for days, from cozy studios with equipment of prime necessity, to smart apartments in new houses.

The building of the station – one more sight of Kharkiv

By the sizes and beauty the building of the Southern Station concedes nothing to the Odessa and Lviv stations. And in many respects even surpasses them in the sizes and scale. The first station on this district has been built in the middle of the eighteenth century, and today we can observe already the third buildings of the station which has been repeatedly restored, and is constructed in the fifty second year of the twentieth century. The biggest renovation has been made to the two thousand second mountain, and dated for the tercentenary of the city. The station serves more than twenty most different directions and his passenger turnover don't concede Kiev.