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Briefly about Shatilovka in Nagorny district

The Nagodny area is one of the largest and developed urban areas of Kharkiv which is in the remote part of the city and consists of smaller residential districts, such as Shatilovka. It is one of quiet and peaceful corners of Kharkiv which has favourably settled down between Lenin Avenue and big Gorky Park, on a certain height over Sarzhin Yar. In the territory of this residential district there is a Dynamo stadium which is the home platform of youth team of football club "Metallist". Also at this stadium it is possible to run in the mornings, it is open for visitors almost round the clock. Besides, near Shatilovki there is the Kharkiv national university of radio electronics to which often there come nonresident students and research associates. For this reason daily and long-term rent of apartments in this big area is rather popular and demanded, and it is possible to take care of her by means of the website

Apartments and houses for days near the central park of Kharkiv

The central recreation park of Maxim Gorky is considered one of the biggest and beautiful parks of Kharkiv, and covers more than hundred thirty hectares. And if to rent the apartment for the night in Shatilovki's residential district on streets Sumy or Vesenina, then you will be able to walk every morning among centenary oaks, ash-trees, birches and other beautiful trees. Such placement will be very convenient as for those who are going to have a rest in Kharkiv and for those who go there to work, in park it is possible to play sports, to spend evenings or just to walk. In such areas as Shatilovka to breathe always much more pleasantly and more freely, and here it is very convenient to stop if you travel with the child. Near park it is also possible to rent the private house from owners or the apartment by means of the website for a big family or the company of friends.

Why it is the best of all to rent apartment around Shatilovki on the website

In Kharkiv there are many large real estate agencies which work in the sphere of search of different apartments as for rent. But on you will be able to find the best apartments and to rent them from owners, without the commissions and intermediaries who usually cost very much. On it is possible to find a wide choice of apartments and houses for days from owners not only in the center, but also in the remote districts of the city, including such as Shatilovka. Advantage of this website also is that on him without the commissions it is possible not only to get acquainted with announcements, but besides and to reserve real estate for the future short-term trips to Kharkiv. We constantly update the range of offers from owners of apartments, and you can always find something new.