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Saltovka - the pride of the city of Kharkiv

The residential area in the north-east of Kharkov called Saltovka is one of the largest in the city. This residential area is divided into three main parts: North and South Saltovka and springs. There is Saltovskoe tram depot, as well as the final stop of many taxis, residents Saltovka therefore very easy to reach the city center. The site can find a variety of options from the owners of apartments in the area, book your favorite options via personal cabinet. But if you do not wish to register, you can simply contact the host at specified in the declaration data and arrange their stay, or to discuss your questions and details. The ads submitted to, you can find basic information about the proposed daily rent for the property and its detailed pictures.

Apartments for a day or longer in the largest residential area of ​​Kharkov

Saltovka considered the so-called sleeping area of ​​the city, which is the largest housing estates in the entire post-Soviet space. There is practically no industrial enterprises and factories, which create noise and emit waste into the air, but in a place that a lot of markets, shops, recreational facilities and other critical infrastructure. In particular, in the territory of Saltovka it is the country's largest clothing market, which can be found right at the exit of the subway station named after Academician Barabashev. Facade Saltovka represented mainly by nine, twelve and sixteen-residential buildings that are spot-on sections. In the twenty-first century Saltovka is one of the major districts, which constantly invest construction companies and businessmen.

Benefits site for daily rent apartments in Saltovka

Many people rent an apartment or house for rent in Saltovka, to save their money for the short trip to Kharkiv. But at the same time, to find shelter for a while enjoying the services of realtors or real estate agents who charge a percentage for their services. Thus, it appears very puny savings as a percentage realtor is half the cost of the apartment. To really save personal resources, it is best to use the site, which presents a variety of options for apartments and houses for a day or longer directly from the owners. For example, you can remove a good accommodation without intermediaries, and accordingly without any commissions.